“Andrew, what do you recommend?”

“What should I do?”

“What diet should I eat, what supplements should I take?”

Guess what.

I never recommend anything. I never tell anyone what they “should” do. I won’t tell you what to eat, drink, or really how to live your life.

Wait what? Isn’t that what you do with your clients?

Haha NOPE.

There are millions of random people, gurus, doctors, practitioners, dietitians etc out there who have opinions on what you should do, on how you should live your life, and the “exact” foods you should and shouldn’t be eating. You’ll find that much advice out there contradicts one another. And you’ll find what works and what doesn’t. But how do you know?

Indeed, my program never tells you what you “should” do, instead I help to transform you in to a superhuman with the ability to sense what’s going on with your body, and with a keen ability to discern bullshit from reality.

Will I help you understand the science, and keep you up to date? Hell yeah I will. Will I spend hours and hours trying to find supplement brands that contain the least amount of crap in them to highlight them for you and your doctor so you have ALL the options? You bet. Will I help you assemble and work with the most robust, diverse, knowledge medical and health team on the face of the planet that works for you? 100%.

Will this all be your decision and your responsibility? Yes it will.

If you want someone to tell you what do to and you want to blindly follow advice, then my program is not for you.

It’s like everyone is missing the most crucial component to human health. We’re all too stuck in the “what,” but we’ve forgotten about the “how.” We’ve neglected the human being at the center of everything.

There is not a one size fits all protocol, there is just your protocol, and the best person who can take action to build it is YOU.

My program gives you the tools and resources to craft this protocol, and most importantly it transforms you into the person capable of crafting it – because its truly the most advanced educational tool ever created for chronic disease.

And IBD is just the beginning.

It’s not about the person you are right now, it’s about the person you are becoming in order to beat this disease, and take back your health.

So am I running a digestive health company? Na.

I’m running a neuroscience, behavior change, educational, and empowerment company.

Wait what? #2

Yup you heard that right.

The human brain is the most powerful organ in your body. And transforming yourself and changing your behavior is literally the MOST powerful thing you can do.

The human brain is the most adaptable and most susceptible to change. The 100 billion neurons and subsequent 100 trillion synapses are constantly adapting and remodeling themselves and this change is reflected in your behavior and your ability to thrive.

The reason why I beat Crohn’s Disease is that I transformed myself into a new person – I changed my brain – and became a person capable of beating a serious case of CD, and a person capable of achieving his dreams.

I’m living my dreams now. And I’m not waiting around.

YOU are more capable than you can ever imagine.

I literally (from the bottom of my heart) believe deeply in each of you.

And its not because I have some sort of fluffy false hope or that my head is in the clouds.

It’s because I’ve spent years understanding the biology, the neuroscience, and the ability of all life to adapt – and this is where the evidence leads us.

The evidence tells us that you can transform your life, even when all hope seems lost, or when you think you should just throw in the towel.

The body can heal and the mind can change.

Get ready, get out, get educated, and adopt an empowered mentality.

Your new life is waiting for you. -ABK

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