How to find your breakthroughs

Everyone knows what it’s like to be sick: a cold, the flu, some other virus. It feels difficult to function in your daily life and might throw you off for a bit but eventually, you recover relatively quickly. Having a chronic condition like Crohn’s or UC is different, it doesn’t just go away on its own. Something more fundamental has gone wrong and you can feel it.

It’s as if the very integrity of your biology has been compromised – as if something critical to the functioning of your body and mind has failed.

This feeling is felt through your entire being, and it can feel like an overwhelming force of darkness and mystery.

How you got to this point of illness is complex: it’s the nature of the world and universe we live in. And so yes – the way to escape and begin to move the needle towards health is never straightforward. It’s about discovering the known, pushing through the mystery, and bringing it all into the light.

You must find your breakthroughs, and then you must implement them with intention and courage and you must do so every day.

This disease does not wait and there is no pause button. At first, it feels like climbing a treacherous mountain, then a steep hill, then a vigorous walk until the point comes where it’s automatic like riding a bike or brushing your teeth.

You begin to know yourself, you know your breakthroughs, and you know what to do.

It’s the feeling of control and the power of the human body and mind to heal and the restoration of your integrity.

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