The unsung hero of the story of IBD: F. prausnitzii

I’ve been studying the microbiome non-stop lately.

It’s a mysterious, and thrilling story – a vicious, dynamic and microscopic battle going inside of you between those keen to destroy you and others willing to do everything possible to keep you alive and healthy (as you are their home).

One unsung hero in this story is named Faecalibacterium prausnitzii.

F. prausnitzii produces a short-chain fatty acid called butyrate that is critical to maintaining the GI epithelium and reducing intestinal inflammation on many accounts. People with IBD have been shown to be deficient in F. prausnitzii.

Sadly our friend F. prausnitzii cannot be cultured and is not available as a probiotic, however, there are things that can be done. For example, I help maintain the concentration by 1) find a good probiotic that contains Bacillus coagulans GBI 30 and 2) Adding a Riboflavin, B-2 supplement. Both of these actions are possibly demonstrated to help.