Find your pattern of health

The scientific literature lists hundreds of interventions that can help with IBD (perhaps even much more). These range from medications to surgery, from specific supplements to nutrition, and from meditation to even something like vagal nerve stimulation (yes really) and just about everything in between.

Yet with all this promise, physicians, patients, and our healthcare system at large have the tendency to rely on single “silver bullet treatments.” We tend to rely solely on medications and or surgery in isolation.

It seems we underestimate the potential of the human at the center of it all. No one has developed a tool or a system for people to understand their disease and to find the exact pattern of interventions that will work for them – to truly harness this potential.

This is what I am building every day in the IBDCoach program.

I believe this is the future for IBD, and frankly the future for all chronic disease.

Let us find our pattern of health.