Be your own best advocate

Listen to You. Listen to your body. Don’t do things because others tell you, do things that you know will help you feel good. You are your own best advocate. No-one knows you as you know yourself.

Does drinking bone broth help? Do it.
Does alcohol make you flare? Stop drinking.
Are you in a toxic relationship? End it.
Does cannabis relieve your pain? Go for it.
Are you less than satisfied with your doctor? Find a new one.

Trust your intuition. Make difficult decisions. Believe in yourself. Love yourself.

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Fiber: Influential prebiotic for gut health We’ve heard countless stories from our clients about how their doctors tell them diet doesn’t make a difference for their inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). But with recent scientific advances in our understanding of both IBD...

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This Tuesday morning I’ve had the delight of musing about our incredible gut and how this organ exemplifies the old adage in biology that "structure defines function". Our bodies are full of other examples of this: our opposable thumbs allow us to grasp items large...