I have felt extremely grateful that IBDCoach has been growing at record pace these past few months and our community is blossoming and thriving!

Every day I watch our clients new and old make tremendous progress – these are folks who step into the ring and face their disease head-on. And they are winning.

Inflammatory markers/disease activity/bathroom trips are down and hope is up.

One huge reason for this is that we’ve been able to stay up-to-date on the latest cutting edge research and thinking in digestive health, nutrition, and in Inflammatory Bowel Disease specifically.

And that’s why I couldn’t be more proud to introduce you to my close friends and now our new science advisory team, Drs. Lucy Mailing and Ali Arjomand – two extremely accomplished scientists and researchers.

Dr. Lucy Mailing is a microbiome expert who was inspired to pursue her career through challenges and victories with her own skin and gut health. Lucy is widely published and her writing includes a highly cited review article that won the American College of Sports Medicine Paper of the Year for 2019. She was also named an Emerging Leader in Nutritional Sciences by the American Society for Nutrition in 2017. She most recently conceptualized and hosted a Microbiome Summit last month with over 3000 attendees. Lucy often writes engaging and evidence-based articles that at times challenge the more traditional and emerging understandings of gut health.

Dr. Ali Arjormand is a nutrition scientist and entrepreneur who found his career through his immense battle with Crohn’s Disease. After failing multiple medications and undergoing several surgeries to little results, Ali found his health through targeted dietary and nutritional interventions. His story is truly inspiring and serves as an extraordinary example of what is possible through diet. Ali has founded biotechnology companies, served in executive leadership, and has designed and conducted over 50 phase 1 clinical trials in addition to working directly with Bill Gates global health, nutrition, agriculture, and infectious disease challenges. Ali is the founder of Modulla Health, an IBD focused nutrition clinic, where he develops and delivers personalized nutrition interventions to IBD patients.

We are extremely fortunate to have Lucy and Ali on our team – and for their input and collaborations in keeping our program evidence-based and in making our approach exceptionally comprehensive and unique in the IBD world.





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