Control your brain, mind and emotions

I’ve controlled my chronic health condition (Crohn’s Disease) by first controlling my brain, my mind, and my emotions.

Without this, I’d still be frantically swimming against the current gasping for air. Yet instead I am the healthiest, strongest, and happiest I have ever been.

The human brain is considered by many scientists as the most complex structure in the known universe. The way in which our 100 billion brain cells (called neurons) connect with one another (an estimated 100 trillion times) through junctions called synapses is understood to give rise to our personalities, our deepest fears, and perhaps to the depths of human consciousness. The way in which the brain changes is called neuroplasticity.

Before I dove deep into understanding the facets of autoimmunity and digestive disease, I studied the brain intensively. And to this day I strongly believe that if you can change your brain then you can change anything. Why?

Because everything that “is,” is first perceived by us as conscious human beings.

Meditation is the key

So how do I control my brain? My thoughts? My emotions? My mindset? How do I exhibit enough motivation and control to practice my strict daily routine every day basically without deviance?

Well, quite a few reasons but the one I’d like to tell you about now is meditation. Yes, seriously, if you are not meditating (or engaging a commensurate practice in line with your beliefs) then you are very likely missing out on fulfilling your potential on multiple fronts.

Imagine feeling pain, and literally being able to remove yourself, viewing the pain from outside of your body. Imagine being confronted by seemingly impossible circumstances and calmly analyzing the situation and then taking action in a strategic step by step process. Imagine feeling your body decompensate in front of your eyes and then knowing you can change the course of this trajectory.

Every weekday morning and most weekends I meditate for 25 mins, and these are some of the results I’ve experienced. The idea is not to be “perfect,” but to be consistent – understanding that the mind can wander and the effects of meditation still persist. I often use youtube or an app to guide me but sometimes just being present in nature is perfect.

My advice to you: Meditate. Change your brain. Change your body. Take back your life.

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