What’s my secret weapon for achieving complete remission?

I get asked 3 times a day how I achieved complete remission from a serious illness and how I stay motivated. My secret weapon?

Morning Routine.

I wake up at 7am every weekday (I’ve tried waking up earlier and it is not ideal for me). I always get 7-8 hours of sleep pretty much without deviance. I roll out of bed no matter how unmotivated I feel and then I chug water AND I do NOT look at my phone. I take an L-tyrosine on an empty stomach to help get my dopamine flowing. Then within 5 mins of waking up I grab my workout clothes that I have laid out from the night before and I get aerobic exercise (usually a run, but sometimes a surf or a bike ride if time allows). I am usually back within 20 minutes if it is a run. I then do 20 mins of stretching, yoga, or weight training. By 7:40 I am eating a microbiome enhancing breakfast paired with about 20 different supplements all aimed at my IBD and my healthspan. Then I make my bed and I take a relaxing hot bathtub followed by a cold shower. I take the cold shower for two reasons. 1) it demonstrates self-control and 2) it probably stimulates the vagus nerve – a very promising intervention in IBD. By 8:30am I sit down at my desk and look over my calendar and my day that I have planned out hour by hour the night before (yes I usually know what I am doing hour by hour) and respond to anything really urgent. Before 9am I begin a 20-30-minute meditation. Meditation allows me to control my emotions and allows me to interpret any pain or discomfort in my body from a 3rd person view. (More on meditation soon). Then I am ready for my workday. I track everything to see how compliant I am in a proprietary tool that I have built.

Am I perfect with my routine? Not always but nearly, and I am getting better. I’ve noticed that if I skip any step (which happens) the probability of having a successful, healthful day decreases.

On weekends I do not practice this routine. I sleep in and I fully take Saturday and Sunday off. I intentionally do not have a schedule. When I am traveling or on vacation, I practice a modified routine.

Practicing and implementing a morning routine (that is right for you) is critical to your success especially if you are fighting a chronic condition like IBD or working hard to make change in the world.

Okay now go do it!