Be prepared for fire season and environmental stressors

It seems like most of you have forgotten – a reminder to those of us who live in the western United States.

Last year California experienced the most deadly, destructive, and costly fire season in the history of the state. The year before was also horrific.

Last November toxic smoke and air quality smothered San Francisco for weeks with air quality consistently breaching above 200 AQI – the worst air quality in the history of the Bay Area.

Words like “apocalyptic” were common in news headlines.

This is going to get worse as our planet undergoes a changing climate. Here is what you probably want to start thinking about especially if you have any type of health condition:

> Stock up on N95 Disposable White Particulate Respirators (made by 3M)
> Have a full tank of gas in your car and be ready to leave
> Stock up: have extra medications, supplements, food, and water on hand. Think about having food that you do not need to cook which can add to indoor air pollution.
> Buy an air purifier with high-efficiency HEPA filters
> Be organized, and have a grab and go bag of essentials

Apart from the real risk of fire itself, the majority of people stayed in the Bay Area while they inhaled in toxic smoke. No, it wasn’t just trees: it was car tires, mattresses, and roof shingles.

This air quality will wreak havoc on your body (especially If you have any type of chronic health condition). Let your employer know now that should air quality suddenly plummet this fire season – then you will be leaving. You can offer to work remotely. It’s very critical that you do not breath this type of smoke, as the long term consequences can be quite serious.

This is your health – it comes before all else. Be ready!

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