Get out of the city and into nature when you have a chronic condition

About 280 miles and 7 hours north of the San Francisco Bay Area lays an area of coastline so remote and rugged that the builders of California’s renowned highway one literally skipped over it. The Lost Coast is one of the most beautiful and underrated places on the planet and serves as the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are literally signs that say in one way or another “If you are to encounter another person, it’s possible they may not want to speak with you.”

Over our long weekend, we stayed with a friend in Mendocino and then ventured 12 miles on a near-deserted dirt road (AWD required). We awoke early the next morning and after some granola, soft boiled eggs and cold brew (made with fresh spring water) we ventured off-trail through the manzanita, madrones, and douglas-fir to a beautiful bluff atop the ocean. As the day unfolded, a light ocean breeze kept us cool and the sun set around us, I felt gratitude for all that life has given us: what a blessing it is to experience such a place.


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