The current way and the new way.

In the current treatment model for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, the patient (patiently) waits on their doctor and medical team to take away their pain. They hope for a single miracle pill or procedure that will heal them forever. They feel powerless, lost, and desperate for a solution that is seemingly so far away and out of their control. They are dependent on this care, implied in the very nature of the word health “care.”

I propose something different.

Let us reconsider the “patient,” as a human being who has the potential to heal and make decisions with autonomy and courage. Let us consider this person capable of learning what the science has demonstrated and to apply it through a pattern of interventions that target their health in its totality.


The IBDCoach Program and why it’s different

In the IBDCoach Program, we start with you and we end with you. We help you to look at your Inflammatory Bowel Disease as a complex system – enmeshed in your environment. We provide the tools, empowerment, and knowledge so you can change your life and completely change the game in the management of this condition. This is the new way.

More people have IBD right now than at any other time in human history. It’s time we did something about this and it’s time to take control of our health.

Our program is now up and the results are coming in. The more people that join our program the stronger we become because unlike our healthcare system there are no dependencies or waiting around for miracles. We believe in cause and effect and in taking massive action. We are here to support each other and help one another heal. We are here for YOU.

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