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Our Story

The incidence of IBD around the world grows with each year and healthcare systems are struggling to keep up. IBD patients require more than the “standard of care,” and while frontline interventions like biological therapeutics and surgery offer life-saving options for many individuals, they are just one part of promoting long and sustained states of health and disease remission.

IBDCoach is on a mission to change healthcare by tackling the Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis in a capacity never attempted before. We help our members achieve long-lasting remission through immersive science education, community support, and a unique form of health coaching that emphasizes strategic, patient-driven, and patient-empowered actions. IBDCoach is the first program of its kind to provide comprehensive scientific information in one accessible location as an essential adjunct to standard medical care. Our initial results from dozens of clients are highly positive: significant reductions in symptoms and disease activity, inflammatory markers down, life-long friendships formed, and lives changed for the better.

We created IBDCoach with the vision that the power resides within the IBD patient, and this individual has the profound ability to recapture their health through a science-based, strategic, and rational process of self-discovery, behavior change, and the cultivation of an environment conducive to healing.

Andrew’s Story

As a kid, I spent hours with my father as he explained to me the inner workings of life. Alongside my lifelong friends, the natural paradise of my childhood home in the forests of Mount Tamalpais, California bestowed powers of camaraderie, fun, and imagination, served as an outlet for all the stresses of family life, and planted the seeds for what would become my intense curiosity about the biological world.

In high school, however, my curiosity was halted when my life took a turn for the worse. I was feeling very stressed by the pressure of school and family life and got sick suddenly, with crippling symptoms of daily diarrhea, low body weight, fatigue, severe pain, and anemia. The activities I had once loved like surfing, mountain biking, and hiking became nearly impossible. One day, about six months into my mystery illness, my hair started falling out. I knew something was seriously wrong, as though an overpowering force had compromised the very integrity of my biology.

A mysterious opponent

My health had spiraled out of my control, as this violent, existential phenomenon evoked feelings only approximated by words: fragility and volatility; helplessness and despair; intensity and powerlessness. This disease became a daily reminder of my delicate human mortality at the mercy of an unpredictable, mysterious, and forceful opponent.

Finally, after several more months of waiting and worsening symptoms, a diagnosis I had never heard of came like a thousand bricks: Crohn’s Disease. The physician at a world-renowned medical center looked down at my colonoscopy results and then looked up at me, and looked down again for what seemed like an eternity saying simply and bluntly: “This is really bad.”

As my treatment progressed I was prescribed powerful immunosuppressive drugs. They helped a little, but I never returned to my previous state of health – not even close. I continued to flare and symptoms continued despite my physician’s best efforts. Side effects from the medications continued to accumulate and I was warned that surgery might become the only effective intervention to recover my health. 

Something needed to change.

With the support of my physicians, I began to take an active role in my IBD treatment protocol. I began to notice patterns in my diet, stress, and my symptoms. I found thousands of peer-reviewed research papers, meta-studies and powerful personal narratives supporting the use of lifestyle, diet, stress-reduction, exercise, mindset, supplements, microbiological correlates, nutrition and other approaches in the fight against Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Medication alone wasn’t enough, but I was able to build a robust and rounded treatment protocol to achieve a profound state of remission.

Developing a robust IBD protocol

For the last 10 years, I have refined my protocol at least a dozen times and I feel better than I ever have. I am able to do the things I love: I surf 10 foot-faced waves, I mountain bike all over California, I eat incredible home-cooked food, and I spend my days working to help others with their IBD and spending time with the people that I love the most.

I have learned that Inflammatory Bowel Disease can uniquely and profoundly respond to those who are willing to step into the ring and face it head-on. The condition responds to those who are willing to exhibit patience and to learn and pay attention to their bodies. The human body is incredible and is capable of both self-regulation and healing when it is given the right context: a sound medication protocol, the support of a diverse healthcare team, a tailored nutrition strategy, and a lifestyle conducive to positive change.

The process you are about to embark on to heal your IBD will make you a stronger and more capable human. The lessons you learn in taming your IBD you can apply to all aspects of your life.

It is my life mission to help you live your life again and achieve your dreams.

To learn more, you can schedule an admissions call and follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Hanging out on my front porch with my incredible wife and life partner, Amy.

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