How does Phosphatidlycholine impact IBD?

Most people who are paying attention know about Curcumin or Glutamine as supplements that have demonstrated efficacy with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. One of the lesser-known and most promising compounds is called phosphatidylcholine (PC). PC is a critical component in the membranes of cells helping to maintain fluidity – especially in the cells of the GI system. There are studies demonstrating the anti-inflammatory effects of this compound as well as directly in IBD. Remember to always run ANY changes to your health protocol by your GI physician, but never be afraid to advocate for yourself and follow the science. I believe strongly that PC among my many other approaches have been critical to my health and state of IBD remission. It’s never just one thing in isolation that makes the difference but really a multi-level, comprehensive, and evidence-based approach that can push you over the edge. Let’s take back our health.