Everyone who is doing their homework is talking about them – for uses across the health spectrum. And there are quite a few with promising effects. Perhaps the most relevant to IBD and gastrointestinal health is called Body Protection Compound 157 (BPC-157).

Peptides are small proteins made of Amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of life – encoded for by genes that make up your DNA. They often are involved with signaling processes in the body.

While no large scale/gold standard human trials there is quite a lot of research in murine models (mice, rats etc) – which show how the compound promotes wound healing, nerve regeneration and specifically restoring the healing potential, regeneration, and integrity of our gut lining.

There is a string of anecdotal evidence from avid believers who have taken BPC-157 and achieved some pretty extraordinary results in IBD.

To me, it appears this may be an exceptionally promising adjunct approach to a comprehensive protocol to IBD.

Sadly like many promising compounds, the motivation to research this compound is quite low given its inability to be patented. However, research is coming to light (see comments) and time will tell how promising this peptide truly is!