Modern healthcare delivery neglects potentially the most impactful and foundational treatment of all. And this “treatment,” taken on face value has no side effects and requires no drugs, supplements, infusions, or surgery. 

Indeed in the IBDCoach program, all 22 of us share something in common:

We understand our disease. 

We understand the biology. We understand why specific environmental influences and lifestyle approaches change our disease course for better or for worse. We understand how specific treatment interventions work, and why some may not. 

With this knowledge, comes power. And with this power, we are able to apply targeted and tailored protocols that have the highest likelihood of helping us as individuals to reduced disease activity and even robust states of remission. It allows us to make decisions, every day, from a place of strength, confidence, and security.  

Don’t believe me?

Well, the science is out. 

In a brand new study published over the weekend, IBD patients with higher knowledge of their disease required half the amount of accelerations in treatment. This means that patients with higher knowledge were less likely to “step-up,” to biologics and other immunomodulators (with higher toxicity) than those with lower knowledge. 


The most powerful thing you can do is to get your hands dirty, lean in, and learn all that you can.  

IBD and frankly most other chronic conditions, don’t wait for you while you’re sitting on the sidelines. 

It’s time to get in the game.

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