Keywords to avoid when you have IBD

I have a general rule of thumb: when I read words like “modified,” “concentrate,” “isolate,” “extract,” “expeller,” I steer clear as this does not meet my definition of food.

No-one is doubting the good environmental intentions of the entrepreneurs behind the highly engineered, highly processed, vegan “Impossible” and “Beyond Meat” burgers, however, you can bet I will never put these things anywhere near the entrance to my digestive system.

The molecule leghemoglobin is originally from soy, however Impossible Foods has genetically engineered a yeast to produce massive quantities of the molecule which has NEVER been tested in humans. The yeast also produce 40 other proteins included in the burger that are not listed in the ingredients. Harmful? Tough to say.

Add this in with other ingredients found in these “meats” like refined oils (canola, and sunflower – all high in inflammatory omega 6), isolated proteins (pea, potato, soy) modified food starch (can be literally anything), Maltodextrin (worsens IBD), Methylcellulose (adds water to stool), Gum Arabic (acts as a binder or glue used by the food industry – with unknown effect on IBD).

Putting these things inside of you is like rolling a dice, especially if you have IBD or any other digestive, inflammatory disorder.

Why roll a dice when you can play it safe with real wholesome foods?