Against the Grain Podcast: Dr. Michael Briggs

A couple weeks ago I introduced two unsung and unnoticed heroes in the IBD world: Dr. Michael Briggs, a physics professor with Ulcerative Colitis turned unofficial IBD researcher – the author of one of the best and perhaps most cutting-edge papers on IBD ever and Dr. Samir Kakodkar – an extremely innovative gastroenterologist, IBD expert, and podcaster. They came together and recorded the best and most creative podcast I have ever listened to on IBD. Both of these individuals have helped me assemble a new understanding of this condition and what the future of managing IBD could look like. If you have IBD – I’d listen to this ASAP and feel free to DM with anything you don’t understand as the podcast is at a high level. Links to podcast and Brigg’s protocol paper. Kudos to you both!