The complexity underlying IBD and other chronic conditions

Our current healthcare delivery system will often disregard complexity in the pursuit to find a single treatment option for people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and many other chronic conditions.

I view this in contrast to the intricate mechanisms in the epithelial membrane and lamina propria of the GI-lining where there is a dramatic process taking place (simplified diagram from our program below). Immune cells and their corresponding cytokines in an attempt to prevent infection can wreak havoc on the epithelial membrane allowing in additional inflammatory bacteria inside our tissues.

Trying to block just one or two components of this complexity in using an anti-TNF (Remicade, Humira), anti-interleukin IL-12/IL-23 (Stelara) or others yields mixed results and can have unintended consequences.

The IBDCoach approach

Addressing multiple aspects of this process in a systems-based way using specific and evidence-based lifestyle interventions including diet, supplements, mindfulness, exercise and as the foundation to medications (or in lieu of them) can yield significantly more powerful results.

Right now in the IBDCoach community each one of us is actively designing our own custom protocols under the careful supervision of our medical and health teams.

We’ve taken our health into your own hands we are no longer waiting on a broken system to solve our problems – but we are using every resource at our disposal.

We are seeking devoted, and compassionate members who are committed to the life-long process of learning and self-improvement. The more people that join who are the right fit, the stronger our program grows