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History of IBDCoach

In 2019, IBDCoach was merely an idea.

It was nebulous at first, but as the weeks and months passed, we knew this could become something unlike anything else. It came from our understanding that human health is foundational to life. Nothing matters without it.

Over the past several decades, we have watched the incidence of IBD skyrocket worldwide. Healthcare systems are struggling to keep up. IBD patients require more than the “standard of care,” and while frontline interventions like biological therapeutics and surgery offer life-saving options for many individuals, they are just one part of promoting long and sustained states of health and disease remission.

We’ve experienced this first-hand: almost every member of the IBDCoach team is an IBDer that has been on a unique journey to achieve remission from this mystrious, chronic condition. Before IBDCoach, what we were doing simply wasn’t enough. Something else needed to be done.

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