We help people with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis achieve remission.

IBDCoach is with you in your darkest moments and we’re there to celebrate the brightest ones. We’ve sorted through the science to empower you to take back your health with your medical team.

Dear Visitor,

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at age 17, I felt terrified and powerless. I needed more than what my healthcare system could provide. I needed to change my life. Through ten years of research and relentless trial and error, I persevered. Today, I am in remission and I am as healthy as I have ever been – because of my individualized and evidence-based protocol. I believe that every IBDer has the potential to heal, thrive, and return to a beautiful and extraordinary life. We are here for you, and we can’t wait to get you there. I invite you to explore our program and to schedule an admissions call. Let’s beat IBD together.



Andrew Kornfeld

Founder & Executive Director, IBDCoach

Patient Expert & Award Winning Science Educator

BS Neuroscience; BA Psychology

IBD Remission, 7 Years+

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Healing from IBD isn’t magic

it’s cause and effect.

Our program empowers you to fight your disease on multiple fronts.


Contrary to popular beliefs there is no one IBD diet, however, there are foods that cause inflammation in many people with IBD according to numerous peer-reviewed studies.

Homeostasis & Self Healing

The body contains the ability to self-regulate and self-heal. We help you with foundational lifestyle interventions that promote the body’s own ability to heal.

Medication & Surgical Education

We cover medications, common surgical operations, and present the benefits and risks to help you make empowered decisions with your doctor from a place of strength and knowledge.

Mind-Brain-Gut Connection

Our program is rooted in the understanding that our psychological state is related to Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.


Our protocol takes complications to IBD into consideration, we help you learn about other symptoms or complications might arise due to your IBD.

Emerging Evidence

Our course, community, and weekly Q&A group strategy calls will keep you updated on emerging and unique approaches (fecal transplants, parasites, new data) and IBDCoach is committed to keeping you up-to-date.


Many naturally occurring and safe cofactors, antioxidants, plants, and other biomolecules have demonstrated efficacy in directly decreasing the severity of IBD.


We help you understand how to promote a healthy gut ecology: especially through diet and even avoiding psychological stress.

Working with your Physician and Practicing Self-Advocacy

We teach strategies to find a supportive and knowledgeable doctor and how to present your evidence-based protocol for approval and suggestions.

Neuroplasticity & Mindfulness

We help you incorporate mindfulness into your own protocol to reduce stress, inflammation and promote neuroplasticity which is understood to make a difference in IBD.

Younger & Older Adults

We address specific challenges facing younger and older adults. We allow parents, guardians, caregivers or a close friend to take the course along with you so that they can support you on your journey to better health.


The complexities that arise in IBD should never be underestimated. This is why system's thinking is a foundation of our program.


The IBDCoach protocol promotes a shift in lifestyle, and rather than being restricted from doing the things you love, we help you create more opportunity for them.

IBD Biology

Through straightforward lessons, we communicate the biological processes of the disease. This provides a foundation for understanding how both lifestyle and frontline interventions work.


Exercise can help diminish IBD symptoms by improving bone density, immune response, mental health, weight loss and coping with stress. We have identified exercises that are realistic for people who are suffering from IBD.

Pain Management Strategies

We cover strategies for pain management and compare the pros and cons of treatments including emerging pain relieving medications and strategies that you can discuss with your physician.


We educate you on cannabis’ role in controlling inflammation and symptoms, safety concerns (especially while on immunosuppressive drugs), and how to access this medicine while obeying your state’s drug policies.


At IBDCoach, when others see illness, we see promise. We help you turn your unintentional gift into an opportunity and help you follow your dreams.

Here’s how our program works 

IBDCoach provides you with 3 powerful resources helping you to navigate your IBD, and take action starting on DAY ONE.



Everyday I meet someone whose life is on hold by Inflammatory Bowel Disease. In many cases this person’s healthcare system is failing them and their disease is actively attacking their body and mind. More people have IBD right now than at any other time in human history. It’s time we did something about this; it’s time to take control of our health. Join my life mission to crush this condition.”

Andrew Kornfeld

Founder, IBDCoach

In Remission for 7+ years

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