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We Help People with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Achieve Remission

IBDCoach is with you in your darkest moments and we’re there to celebrate the brightest ones. We’ve sorted through the science behind Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Microscopic Colitis to empower you to take back your health with your medical team.

Remission from IBD is just Three Steps Away

Science, Love, and Connection in Our IBD Family

Our members are from all around the world, from ages 12 to 85+, each with unique and meaningful life circumstances, needs, and health goals.

Not only have these individuals profoundly changed their disease course – they have harnessed their unique ability to overcome IBD and take back their lives from this condition. They continue to make strides forward every single day.

Before joining IBDCoach, I had suffered with ulcerative colitis for 11 years and had never achieved remission. Within six months of joining the program, I was symptom-free. I was healthy for the first time in almost 12 years… I feel like I have so much more control over my health– and I feel prepared to tackle whatever life (and pregnancy!) have to throw at me.


At some point I realized that the things I was doing to manage the disease were no longer working – and that I needed to totally change how I was addressing it. This program helped me focus on what was important to my health – and educated me in a deliberate way. Now, my weight is back to normal – I have energy to jog, dance, bicycle and play with my kids. IBDCoach has gotten me to this point – I feel better than I have felt in the 3 years since I was diagnosed.


In the week leading up to joining the program, I was recommended for a total colectomy. Since joining IBDCoach, my Crohn’s has completely turned around. My calprotectin peaked at over 8000, and now it’s down to 108 which is incredible–it’s an amazing number for me. I am living my life again.


When I found IBDCoach, I was losing weight drastically. I was 40 pounds under my normal weight. My calprotectin was incredibly high–over 2000. I remember celebrating how my calprotectin was down to 700… down to 400… and now my calprotectin is down to just 43! What changed for me most is that I have hope now.


Within the last two months of joining IBDCoach, I have gone from failing immunosuppressants and starting biologics to now using just mesalazine which is amazing. I found the confidence to approach my GI doctor about giving mesalazine another shot… I know for sure I wouldn’t have had the confidence or understanding to try this before joining IBDCoach.


Ever since I was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s, I had been unable to eat raw vegetables. After joining the program a month ago, I started the IBD-AID diet… This past week, I have eaten romaine lettuce and lentils all while coming off prednisone completely!


I am so happy to share the results from my calprotectin from last week. I knew it would be much lower than the 650 I got in July, but I showed no inflammation at all (<15.6)! For now, I am celebrating!


I’m doing pretty good, I can’t complain 🙂 I’ve been off Stelara since April and am currently only taking supplements. I’ve added a lot of meditation, exercise, and diet changes with my Remission Master Plan. Within a week of changing my diet I’d noticed a difference. My guts felt a lot better, little to no pain when using the restroom, and I even seemed to gain more energy.


I wanted to take the time to say how much I am loving this program. I am so grateful just to have this POSITIVE community of humans to connect with about our health. It’s nothing like my other “support” groups. It feels so much more lifting to me and that is what I need more than anything at this time.


How IBDCoach Works

IBDCoach provides you with three powerful resources to help you understand and navigate your IBD and begin taking action and feeling better from day one.

Science-Based Course

The IBDCoach course is the most unique, comprehensive, and advanced curriculum currently available to IBD patients. We help you feel better immediately with tangible interventions you can implement with the support of your entire medical team. Then we build upon your early wins to teach you the foundations for long-lasting health and self-advocacy. All memberships include lifetime access to the course which is continually updated to reflect new breakthroughs and understandings in IBD.

Compassionate Community

Our amazing community makes us who we are. Professionals, parents, healthcare providers, students–we come from diverse backgrounds with unique biologies, but we ALL have IBD. Many members report they have no one else in their circle who really understands the good, bad, and ugly of living with IBD, and the taboo nature of symptoms means it’s just hard to relate. Here at IBDCoach, we are connected by our common, profound desire to heal and support one another with empathy and care.

Expert-Driven Workshops

Nothing replaces live human-to-human contact and support. Our monthly schedule of virtual events means that members are never more than a couple of days away from getting support. During the calls we work to explore your unique IBD challenges in the context of the scientific literature and in relation to how others are applying what they are learning and discovering about themselves. Our calls feature our expert science advisors, support resources for loved ones, and tailored IBD support.

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Every day I meet someone whose life is on hold by Inflammatory Bowel Disease. In many cases this person’s healthcare system is failing them and their disease is actively attacking their body and mind. More people have IBD right now than at any other time in human history. It’s time we did something about this; it’s time to take control of our health. Join my life mission to crush this condition.”

Andrew Kornfeld

Founder, IBDCoach

In Remission for 7+ years

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