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Transforming Patient Care

There is no one-size-fits-all fix for inflammatory bowel disease. IBDCoach helps improve patient outcomes and quality of life with our comprehensive, lifelong education, support, and empowerment program. We combine an evidence-based scientific curriculum, a global support network, and group workshop calls to help IBDers understand their unique condition, work more closely with their healthcare providers, and develop a personalized whole-patient strategy to overcome their IBD.

We’re committed to…

  • Helping our members make evidence-based decisions and defend against misinformation
  • Working with physicians, not against or around them, to help patients understand healthcare recommendations and decisions
  • Studying the efficacy of our unique model of education, support, and empowerment to help others grow from our findings

—  Our Results

IBDCoach is Fueling Life-Changing Transformations

We recently conducted a study on member outcomes in IBDCoach and the results were remarkable: IBDCoach had a significantly positive impact on members’ subjective experience of disease activity and mental and emotional wellbeing.

For members that self-reported results from fecal calprotectin tests, the gold standard measurement of inflammation in IBD, our members saw an average decrease from 1589 μg/g to 198 μg/g (250 μg/g is typically considered the benchmark for “in remission”).

View in our Abstract:

IBDCoach Results Graph

Calprotectin before joining IBDCoach (n=10, avg. 1589 μg/g) is significantly higher than calprotectin following an average of 13.36 months in the program (n=11, avg. 198 μg/g) (P < 0.05*). Values were self-reported; not all members reported scores for both time points. Results may vary.

—  Our Benefits

IBDCoach Can Help Your Patients

IBDCoach was founded and designed by IBD patients and experts. We understand how difficult it can be to navigate the healthcare system (for patients and physicians alike). Our members have found that our program has helped them…

Improve medication adherence by educating on the importance of lifesaving drugs

Arrive at appointments prepared to ask meaningful, informed questions

Understand the importance of balancing lifestyle, dietary, and medical interventions to maximize their chances of success

Increase confidence in their decision-making and improve their overall satisfaction with their treatment plan

Seek out reputable, expert-backed sources of information and defend misinformation or dangerous online health trends

Appreciate the importance of attending regular follow-ups and monitoring exams to reduce the risk of poor outcomes

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Our Guiding Philosophies

Science & Evidence

We focus on interventions that have been scientifically studied and have a basis in the biological mechanisms of IBD.

Systems & First Principles

Systems & First Principles

IBD is multidimensional. Dysfunction in one area can pull the system off-balance, but a multi-pronged approach can bring you back into alignment.

Neuroplasticity & Mindset

IBDCoach facilitates changes in habit and mindset that are foundational to long-term healing. Health is a habit.

Love & Compassion

You are more than a number. Our community embodies empathy and care, and each new member makes us stronger.

—  How IBDCoach Works

Our Unique 3-Step Approach


Experiential Learning Platform

Our interactive, ground-breaking curriculum teaches patients about the biological mechanisms that fuel IBD, drive the action of medications, and help dietary and lifestyle interventions contribute to healing. Our expert-approved learning platform helps patients feel empowered to make informed decisions alongside their physicians.


Global Support Community

Most of our members report that feelings of isolation is one of the most challenging parts of living with IBD. We connect patients to a global network of others living with IBD, surrounding members with a sense of love and compassion in a safe and constructive environment. The community provides peace of mind that allows members to focus on their recovery.


Expert Driven Workshops

In our twice-weekly, live workshop calls, we connect IBD patients with experts to help answer their questions about treatment options, review medication options and prepare for upcoming appointments or discussions with their physicians. Our workshop calls help members feel confident in making informed decisions without relying on unvetted sources.


—  IBDCoach’s

5 Foundations of Remission

Learn about the 5 Foundations of the IBDCoach framework and how these foundations help patients achieve remission from their IBD.

IBD Mechanisms & Biology

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IBD Biology

Every aspect of life on this planet is interconnected in beautifully harmonious biological systems large and small. IBD and its treatment is a system in and of itself. No single element or symptom of your IBD is happening in isolation. It is through understanding these many complex biological interactions that you can better take control of your IBD instead of feeling like this mysterious biological enemy is controlling you. Understanding the biology of IBD helps inform the decisions you make about your IBD treatment, navigate the recommendations of your health practitioner, and envision and understand the impact each intervention has on the complex systems within your body.

Benefits of Fasting for IBD

Fasting and intermittent fasting have gained popularity around the world for numerous health benefits—but can fasting be a new treatment for symptoms of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis?

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Diet & Nutrition

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Diet & Nutrition

Food is foundational to almost everything we are as human beings. In a chronic gastrointestinal condition like inflammatory bowel disease, diet is a powerful and central element of your individualized IBD protocol. The internet is awash with advice on the “perfect” or “best” IBD diet, but your unique biology, the contexts in which you consume foods, how you prepare foods, the composition of your gut microbiome, and your disease activity all play a role in the varied and ever-changing needs of your perfect IBD diet.

Benefits of Fasting for IBD

Fasting and intermittent fasting have gained popularity around the world for numerous health benefits—but can fasting be a new treatment for symptoms of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis?

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The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis is one of the most central functional systems connecting the human body to the diverse ecosystems around us. The complex connections between the human gut microbiome, inflammatory bowel disease, our brain, and our health are key drivers of IBD pathogenesis that may be harnessed to promote healing from IBD.

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Supplements & Herbs

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Supplements & Herbs

Supplements including vitamins, minerals and herbs, are compounds intended to provide health benefits by boosting consumption of specific nutrients and beneficial compounds. Supplements are intended to be added to an already well-rounded health protocol–not to serve as a foundational intervention to achieve remission from IBD. That said, new supplements targeted at people with GI conditions like IBD are constantly hitting the market. Being armed with the knowledge to understand how supplements function and which supplements are evidence-based for improving IBD is essential to making the best decisions alongside your healthcare practitioner to build your ultimate IBD protocol.

Medications & Healthcare

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Medications & Healthcare

Medications are one of the most powerful tools in the IBD toolbelt for getting inflammation under control and supporting the journey to remission. IBD medications lower the barrier of resistance during a flare and provide the body the room it needs to begin the healing process. However, understanding the many medications available for IBD, what contexts specific medications are best suited for, and navigating the healthcare system with a chronic condition is a daunting task for most IBDers–IBDCoach makes it easy.

Lifestyle & Mindset

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Lifestyle & Mindset

Stress and lifestyle play a central role in the progression and severity of IBD–most IBDers know this first hand. On the flipside, activating neuroplasticity, practicing a growth mindset, and engaging in positive lifestyle choices have all been associated with positive outcomes in IBD and other chronic health conditions. No rounded IBD protocol is complete without a robust lifestyle and mindset strategy that support an environment conducive to healing.

Benefits of Fasting for IBD

Fasting and intermittent fasting have gained popularity around the world for numerous health benefits—but can fasting be a new treatment for symptoms of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis?

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